Sea Grant Association Award

The Sea Grant Association Award recognizes an individual for direct demonstrable contributions through research, education/training, advisory, or public service activities that embody Sea Grant concepts, or have been effective users of Sea Grant products. Review a summary of the 2020 winners. Take a look at slides from the 2020 Awards Ceremony.

Previous SGA Award winners
Senator Ernest F. Hollings
Senator Olympia J. Snowe
Senator Daniel K. Inouye
Congressman Frank Wolf
Senator Barbara Mikulski
Congressman Jo Bonner
Senator Roger Wicker
Congressman Sam Farr
Congressman Lee Zeldin
Congressman Joe Courtney

Sea Grant Association Distinguished Service Award

The Sea Grant Association Distinguished Service Award recognizes individuals with at least five years of service to Sea Grant who have provided truly superior service benefiting the entire Sea Grant College Program Network; serving the mission of research, education and outreach; and enhancing the reputation of the Sea Grant network.

Previous Distinguished Service Award winners
Jim Murray
Bob Duce
Russell Moll
Anders Andren
Mike Spranger
Joan Yamada
Jim Cato
Rick DeVoe
Joel Widder, 2023

Sea Grant Association President’s Award

An award given by the president of the SGA to individuals or groups who provide special service to the SGA and the Sea Grant network.

Previous President’s Award winners
Paul Anderson
Rick DeVoe
Jonathan Kramer
Bob Stickney
Mike Voiland
Richard West
Charles Wilson
Gordon Grau
Barry Costa-Pierce
John Woeste
Frank Cushing
Jim Hurley
Jonathan Pennock
Sylvain DeGuise
David Christie
Bill Stubblefield
LaDon Swann
Nancy Balcom
Susan White
Stephanie Showalter Otts
Sarah Kolesar
Mona Behl
Jane Harrison
Chris Winslow
Fredrika Moser

Research to Application Award 

The Research to Application Award honors an individual research project or a body of research funded or implemented by a state Sea Grant program that has increased citizen’s understanding and responsible use of the nation’s ocean, coastal or Great Lakes resources, or has supported the informed personal, policy and management decisions of communities, or has led to the development of new products or tools with positive impacts related to a vibrant and resilient coastal economy or environment.

Previous Research to Application Award winners
New York Sea Grant
Oregon Sea Grant
Minnesota and Wisconsin Sea Grant programs
Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire Sea Grant programs
Alaska Sea Grant
Woods Hole Sea Grant
Lake Champlain Sea Grant

Sea Grant Association Partnership Award

While the Distinguished Service Award is to an individual and focuses on Sea Grant personnel, the Partnership Award will allow the SGA to recognize affiliated groups and individuals who have proven to be superior partners of the Sea Grant network.

Previous Partnership Award winners
Margaret Davidson

William Q. Wick Sea Grant Extension Award

This award recognizes achievement and contributions to Sea Grant Extension programs by an individual now retired, or soon to retire, from their career. The purpose of the award is to recognize an outstanding individual for their vision and leadership which they dedicated to Sea Grant and Marine Extension efforts.

Previous William Q. Wick Extension Award winners

Sid Cleveland
Bob Jacobson
Bruce Wilkins
Hank Pennington
Joe Halusky
Al Miller
Terry Nosho
David Harrington
Phil Keillor
Bud Griswold
Ronald C. Baird
Bob Goodwin
Jim Good
Dale Baker
Ralph Rayburn
William DuPaul
Christopher Dewees
Sara Peck
Jay Rasmussen
Donald Sweat
Eric Olsson
James D. Murray
Peter Rappa
Kenneth L. Gall
Michael P. Voilland
Gary Graham
Mike Liffmann
Dave MacNeill
James M. Falk
Brian Miller
Helen Domski
Spencer Rogers

Superior Outreach Programming Award 

This award honors superior leadership, teamwork and accomplishment by extension personnel engaged in an exception outreach program.

Previous Superior Outreach Programming Award winners

Florida Sea Grant
Oregon Sea Grant
Louisiana Sea Grant
Texas Sea Grant
Alaska Sea Grant
Georgia Sea Grant
Maine Sea Grant
Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant
Maine Sea Grant
South Carolina Sea Grant

Communications Service Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual’s outstanding career achievement, leadership, vision and contributions to Sea Grant.

Previous Communications Service Award winners
Margaret “Peg” Van Patten, Connecticut Sea Grant
Irene Miles, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant
Jill Jentes Banicki, Ohio Sea Grant
Sharon Moen, Wisconsin Sea Grant


Communications Product Award

This award recognizes state-of-the-art science communication practices and projects reflecting audience appropriateness. Awarded projects further support national or state Sea Grant strategic plan objectives and demonstrates impact(s) on the communities served.

University of Southern California Sea Grant
California Sea Grant
Virginia Sea Grant
Hawaii Sea Grant