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Historical SGA Correspondence, Issue Papers & Testimony

National Sea Grant College Program Amendments – Sea Grant Reauthorization of 2020
Sea Grant Association FY21 Request
Sea Grant Association FY 20 Request
Join Together in Support of Justice and Equity
External Relations Committee Report SGA – March 2019
FY20 House Dear Colleague Letter
FY20 Senate Dear Colleague Letter
FY20 SGA House Testimony
FY20 SGA Senate Testimony
FY19 Congressional Programmatic Request
Sea Grant Reauthorization One-pager 2018
FY19 Sea Grant Stakeholder Programmatic Request Template Letter
Senate letter (Murphy) to Administration 31-Jan-18
House Dear Colleague FY19 Letter – Zeldin-Courtney – 16Mar18
FY18 – Post May 23 – Sample Letter to Congress
FY18 – Post May 23 – Sample Letter to Stakeholders
FY18 Sea Grant Individual Sample Email of Support
FY18 Sea Grant Individual Sample Letter of Support
FY18 Sea Grant National Organization Sample Letter of Support
FY18 Sea Grant Association Request
FY18 Attachment 1 List of Stakeholders
FY18 Attachment 2 By the Numbers
FY18 Attachment 3 Smart Investment
SGA Letter to House CJS Conferees FY14
SGA Letter to Senate CJS Conferees FY14
2014 House Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Subcommittee Committee on Appropriations
2014 Senate Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Subcommittee Testimony
Comments: “In the Best Interest of the Nation: NOAA – Making the Most of Science Enterprise”
SGA Comments: Implementation of Program Assessments
SGA Research, Vision, and Planning
CORE NASULGC to President
SGA Comments: Revised Policy on NSGO Evaluation and Funding Merit
SGA Signed Endorsement Letter
SGA Comments: Communications Review
Committee on Sea Grant Priorities document
SGA Comments: NOAA OAR Blue Ribbon Review Committee Supplemental
SGA Comments: NOAA OAR Blue Ribbon Review Committee
SGA Comments: NOAA OAR Research Council 50% Extramural
SGA Correspondence: DOC Secretary Evans FY05 Funding Request Letter
SG Network and American Zoo and Aquarium Association MOU
SGA Testimony to the US Ocean Commission
SGA Comments: NOAA Program Review
Testimony to House Science Subcommittee on Environment by Russ Moll
SGA Position Statement On the Proposal to Transfer NSGP to NOAA SGP
SGA Comments and Recommendations Regarding National Strategic Initiatives (NSIs)

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